Property Holding, Management and Development

  • Holding property investments to complement our property portfolio
  • Management of Freehold and Leashold residentional and commercial properties
  • Development projects to maximise the assest value and achievable income of properties
  • Maintenance of properties in our portfolio and for other landlords

Manufacturing Operations & Design

  • Overseeing production related tasks including planning, control and trouble shooting.
  • Setting up production targets and achieving them within time and cost parameters.
  • Optimizing man & machine utilization to achieve pre-set production targets.
  • Developing new process concepts for production optimization and yield improvement, and guidelines for the sequencing of manufacturing activities on the shop floor (SOP)
  • Generating various reports on monthly and annual basis.
  • Managing the establishment and setting up new units.
  • Designing products as per customers requirements by our team of designers if required.
Quality Management
  • Ensured adherence to the various quality measures viz., ISO 9000, ISO 9001, ISO 9002 and ISO 9003 progressively, and SAB8000®:2001 by maintenance of appropriate requisite documentation/records.
  • Devising and implementing process and quality plans and undertaking SPC study for critical parameters. Implementing customer-specific quality system activities.
  • Reviewing analytical documents, SOPs, general test procedures and their summary reports.
  • Enhancing measurement systems and inspection tools and instruments of best accuracy.
  • Maintaining quality standards for incoming materials, ensuring stringent adherence to quality standards, norms and practices, identifying gaps and taking corrective action
  • Responsible for in-house material testing/ inspection of components.
  • Handling sourcing and contracts through identification of cost effective vendors/suppliers/contractors for procurement and services with the aim of reducing cost while improving quality and reliability.
  • Budgeting funds for procurement, contracts for services and sourcing of fabrics, ensuring optimum utilization of materials and maximum cost savings.
Merchandising Operations
  • Having our own team of merchandisers liaising with customers and suppliers ensuring constant a link and quick response from start to finish.
  • Steering merchandising efforts in harmony with the business objectives.
  • Relationship management with international buyers for profitable product merchandising.
  • Steering strategic sourcing through identification of cost effective vendors/suppliers for procurement with the aim of reducing cost while improving quality and reliability
Business Development & Marketing
  • Managing marketing operations for achieving increased growth and top-line profitability; establishing global linkages and initiating market development efforts.
  • Identifying and developing potential clients in the targeted markets/industries and sectors ensuring maximum customer satisfaction by providing delivery and setting quality norms.
  • Analyzing latest marketing trends, tracking competitors’ activities and providing valuable inputs for fine tuning sales and marketing strategies.
Shipping & Freight Services
  • Manage all our customers shipping requirements for sea, air and domestic freight.
  • Organise all our customs clearances, warehousing and distribution.
  • Achieve the most competitive freight rates and keep control over consignments from time of order to delivery to the customer.
  • Understanding of all import and export procedures from duties to legal issues to documentation.
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